Monday, June 30, 2008

I am so excited!

Well, folks, WE ARE NUMBER 9! Yippee, yahoo, hallelujah, praise God, YAY! But more than that, I am so excited to "know" the newest CHI mommy! She does not have a blog, and I can not share her son's picture here, but HE IS THE MOST INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY! He is 5 months old and simply adorable. His name is Zachary. I could just squeeze his adorable cheeks. I am so thrilled for her. She made the decision in April to change her dossier to either gender and God has blessed her with this amazing baby boy! She told me that the instant she saw his face that she knew he was her son. (sniff, sniff). Her name is Melissa and if you would like to leave her a message of congratulations here, I will make sure she gets them. She checks my blog often and it would just add to her joy to know that we all share in her excitement. She PROMISES that if we get Kaylee's referral before she travels, that she will snuggle her for us and whisper in her little ears that her mommy and daddy love her very much!
Congratulations, Mommy, your son is so beautiful! Thank you, Zachary, for being born. You have brought us one step closer to our little girl.

Other exciting news is this. Dwayne came home today and announced that he wanted us to get away and go to Branson next week. Now let me tell you something. First, I cleaned out my ears, then after I picked my face up off the floor after falling out of the chair, I started jumping up and down with joy. Why am I so excited about going to Branson of all places? Well, it is not the fact that we are going to Branson, but rather the fact that we are going anywhere for one night, not to mention three nights, that is farther than 30 miles from our house. That's right, folks, Dwayne is one of the homebodies. We have just had so much emotional stuff going on lately that I think he just decided, after some prompting from a dear friend, that he and I would go away somewhere. We had always talked about going to Branson, in fact I tried to get him to go for our 10th anniversary which was 5 years ago. The last time we went overnight (and I mean it was only overnight) anywhere was on our honeymoon, 15 years ago. So you can imagine my shock when he asked me about boarding the dogs and taking a road trip. This may just be the medicine we need to regroup and find each other again. In my day of prayer last week I asked God to bring us closer together and to help us grow closer together. I think God had a little hand in this one! Thanks, God, you always know when to send us the surprises! I am so excited I am beside myself. One on one time with my hubby, no work, no phone, just us! I am going to relish every minute of it. Has anyone visited Branson before? If so, what was your favorite show or attraction. I already have a few picked out and we are going to definitely go to the Dixie Stampede. I want to visit the Hollywood Wax Museum. I think this is just what the doctor ordered as a distraction from the adoption.
So, gotta clean the dust off the suitcase, (well, actually break in the suitcase I bought to go to Vietnam) and make my roadtrip shopping list, etc. This is so exciting!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Soon to be 700

Ever feel like this?

Okay, bloggy faithfuls, I have been contemplating the nature of my day 700 post and really do not know what to post about. Is there anything you would like me to post about or tell you about on that day? I need ideas, ladies! There has to be something you have been wondering about or feel strongly about. Let me hear it and then I will surprise you with posting about it! What are you waiting for?

Friday, June 27, 2008

More help needed to push the IPetition

Okay, folks, we are shooting for 10,000 signatures on this petition by next Friday. Copy this post and paste it to your email and forward it to everyone in your address book and then some. We have got to let the CCA know how serious we are about the need to honor all dossiers in country right now. Contact your church and have them post the link on their website, or in the bulletin, or on a mass email list. You can sign for each different email account you personally have. Use your home and your work email, etc. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DONATE. Just sign the petition and add your signature. We can make a difference on this is everyone helps! Can I count on you? Here is the link

Thursday, June 26, 2008

God is incredible!* See updated comment at the bottom.

First of all, what an incredible day of fasting and prayer yesterday. There is nothing greater than this awesome feeling of pure worship and honor to our incredible Holy Father. Spending time with God with no TV, no telephone, no Dr. Pepper (yes, that was a really tough one) and no food brings you to a very humbling place when you are on your face reaching up the most holy One in the universe. Does He honor that? Does He love that? Does He bless that? YES. YES. YES.
Now, it may not be immediate, but I felt the most overwhelming calmness and peace in my mind, my heart and my soul. What was a humbling honor was knowing my dear friends that were joining in the same fasting and prayer for their own adoption process and offering prayers up to God for us and Kaylee. My little peanut is coming home soon, I just feel it! In my very specific prayers I asked for very specific things and some of those things are already surfacing.

On my heart today, first and foremost, is an incredible CHI family who is waiting for their I600 to be approved so they can go get their son. They are having to wait an insatiable amount of time and we do not always understand why have to wait past what time we call acceptable. I need your help in praying for this very dear family. Her blog is somewhat private so if you would like to leave her a comment here, I will forward it to her. Just use the initials "LB" if you are leaving an encouraging word for her. If you are a CHI family, you probably know who I am referring to and if you have access to her blog, please leave her a message. This family is very dear to me and she has been inspirational to me and I would just be honored if you all would lift them up in prayer to get this approval so they can finally be united with their son.

There was referral news today! Our agency recieved two male infant referrals and one special needs toddler. I am over the moon for the families. This could have moved us into the single digits. There is quite possibly some families ahead of us that were asking for boys or either boy or girl so we could have moved two spots today! Yipee! I promise as soon as I confirm it, you know I will let you all know! Some other very positive news is that there is a strong possiblity that current logged in dossiers will be honored after the Sept. deadline and that referrals could continue during the interim of a new agreement or Hague assession. This is very good news and should that decision come to fruiton, a great weight would be lifted off our shoulders knowing that we shouldstill get our referral before Christmas as we had originally thought before the deadline announcement was made.

This announcement was also made and things are positive and moving forward:

"The President expressed his commitment to continue the development of intercountry adoption cooperation between the United States and Vietnam that ensures the best interests of the child, respects his or her fundamental rights, and prevents the abduction and trafficking of children. The Prime Minister underscored that Vietnam shares these goals and stressed that Vietnam will speed up preparations for an early accession to the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoptions. The Prime Minister also welcomed U.S. technical assistance in facilitating this step." Here's the link to read the rest:http://www.whitehou releases/ 2008/06/20080625 -4.html

Thank you to all my besties that participated in the day of fasting and prayer. I truly believe that God will honor so many hearts praying for one common thing. He is like that. He loves to hear multiple prayers coming to Him at the same time. He wants us to petition Him for intervention. Then we have to be still and wait for Him to act. And He will act when we least expect it. He is ALWAYS there. There are just days that we feel He is not because things are not going the way we expect them to go. It is very, very easy to feel His presence when things are going good, and we love to say "Life is good" then. But "Life is God" and every day is good, you just have to find the blessing in sometimes. It is the hard trying times that bring us as human beings together. If everyday was perfect, why would we need each other. Hard times are about not focusing on the hurt or the anger, but about focusing on Him and giving it all to Him to turn it into peace and blessings. He will act, He will do it. He will bring Kaylee's referral. He will bring all these already referred babies home, and He will continue to weave families together with His tapestry of love. Everyday I go to His well and let Him pour out His love on me. I stand in the warmth of His presence and savor the mystery of His goodness and grace. He refreshes me.

Dear Heavenly Father,
Thank you for loving me. Thank you for pouring your love on me and enveloping me in Your arms. You know Father what is on my heart and You know what petitions have been offered up to you that past few days. We ask you, Lord, to honor all that has been asked of You, for you to bless it the way You see fit. You offer us trust and compassion, and You are everlasting and true. I want to send a special request to you for my dear friend, LB. She needs Your comfort. Please wrap your arms around her and fill her with the peace that she needs in her momma heart to hold on until it is time for your blessing to fall on her to go and bring her soon home. Lord, they have been so faithful. Please bring their baby home. Lord, please take care of Kaylee. If she is born, please let her feel loved and cared for. Wrap Your loving arms around her and whisper in her ear that her mommy and daddy will be there soon for her. Lord, please reveal her to us. Our hearts are longing to know this precious child. Thank you for all your blessings. For loving us with our imperfections. For offering us your priceless grace. You are holy and gracious. Let your love rain on us. We need you. We love you. Amen

*** We have not moved on our number as of yet. We are still in the same spot. But I am very hopeful that referrals will continue and each day brings us closer to our Kaylee. I love her so much and I feel in my heart that she is born. I know I say this all the time, but we really appreciate everyone praying for us. When we do get our referral we are gonna have to have some kind of cyber celebration!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Eight more days

Until we hit day 700! I don't know about you, but it is about time that we had some good news. At least a few referrals would be nice to move us off this #10 spot to a new spot! Let's get moving on this already! I feel good things are going to happen! I wonder what the magic number will be?

Monday, June 23, 2008

The mountain is starting to move

Yippee! Things are moving in Congress! I have never been much of a political person, but I am loving me some Congressmen signing the "Child's Right Campaign." Obviously this is attributed to ALL of you who have been calling and emailing and urging them to support these precious orphans. The statement below is quoted in full from the JCICS website.

"Joint Council is pleased to announce that the letter from the Congressional Coalition on Adoption to Secretary Rice regarding intercountry adoption and child protection in Vietnam has received over 130 Congressional signatures.
Given the visit to the United States by the Prime Minister of Vietnam over the next few days, it would greatly benefit our collective effort if additional calls to Members of Congress were made immediately.
While many families and adoption service providers are not directly involved with Vietnam, we urge all families and service providers to participate in A Child’s Right Campaign by calling your Congressional Senators and Representatives today!
Please take a moment now and contact your Congressional Senators and Representatives and ask if they have signed the Congressional Coalition on Adoption (CCA) letter to Secretary Rice. If they have, please thank them for their support. If not, please ask that the Senator or Representative add their support and signature to this important letter."

So, as you can see reported here that the Prime Minister of Vietnam is visiting here the next few days. There needs to be some buzzing around Congress and the White House on this issue while he is here. So, once again, PLEASE CALL YOUR REPRESENTATIVES! We should all have the numbers memorized by now! Please be sure to thank them if they did sign, and ask them for their support if they have not signed yet. If we could get them all to sign, then it would be a slam dunk! I am just feeling all positive and uppity with the prospect of things continuing. We are starting to climb to the top of the mountain!

Although, however, I am setting aside this Wednesday as a day of prayer and fasting to seek God's face in specific matters in our adoption. I am also going to lift up some other very dear families that are going through some tough times right now in their waiting. I would like to invite anyone to participate with me that day. God's word says in Matthew 18:19 "Again, I tell you, if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven...". I already have one dear friend, who is also adopting and found out that they are #8 on their agency's list (yay, Lori!), who is going to join me in prayer. If you are not a waiting PAP, you could pray for other families that are waiting to travel or waiting for referral. We need to pray for the current situation in Vietnam to be resolved so that we can all move on to a bright future again. Truly God has planned it, truly He WILL do it!

Be sure to hop on over to check in on Darby and Lyla! They have FINALLY met their mommy and daddy and they are simpling adorable. Again, so refreshing to see families coming together. I so want Phoebe, Eli, Sam and Eli, and River to be united with their parents. Come on, approvals, let's get moving!

Oh, my heart is just overflowing with such joy when families move closer to their babies. Each family's situation is unique and individual. Even though we have been waiting a tremendous amount of time, God is in control of EVERYTHING, and when He chooses to bring families together, it is such a joyous time. I know that God is working on our little miracle and when it is time for it to be revealed, WOW IS IT EVER GOING TO BE SO AWESOME! I have tried to truly imagine how I am going to feel when we get "THE CALL" or what I will be doing exactly! Hey, how about some fun? If you have recieved "THE CALL" how did you feel, what did you say or were you speechless, and what ordinary thing were you doing when the phone rang? I just thing it would be fun to find out!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Calling all supporters! One more time please!

Here is what was reported at today!
Very Positive , Very Positive!
Joint Council's Child's Right Campaign has been well received, and the letter to Secretary Rice, advocating for a new MOU for Vietnam, is now circulating to all of the congressional offices.
Joint Council is asking families to call their elected officials on Thursday, June 19th and Friday, June 20th, in support of the campaign. Joint Council has previously asked for your support, but the next two days will be crucial in obtaining the support of Congress for this important bill.
Joint Council has received overwhelming support for this campaign, and we appreciate your phone calls and e-mails on such short notice.

So once again, please CALL your senators and congressmen and follow up with an email now that the actual letter is circulating and people are more in the know than the first time. It is really going to take perserverence to get this program back where it needs to be. PLEASE call! Every phone call will make a big difference. The calls need to be made tomorrow and Friday. We are going to get this girl home one way or another, we are just having to be a little more agressive!
Email this to anyone you know, everyone can help make a difference!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I need your help again, it's easy this time!

Please go to the link I've attached and sign this petition. It directly affects us, because our dossier is logged in to the DIA. You can read the details, sign the petition, and then log out. You do not have to give a donation for your "signature" to be recorded.
Please leave a comment stating that you support dossiers to be honored after Sept. 1.
We need as many "signatures" as possible by July 1. You can sign for every different email account that you have. Thanks in advance!

Copy this and email it to anyone you think would help! Some of you might get an email from me. Thanks, again. Let's bring Kaylee home!

Embracing the future with renewed hope

I have been SO overwhelmed with the outpouring of encouragement and love from all my readers. I had no idea how many people were reading and I am humbled at knowing how much encouragement everyone finds here. I have spent all weekend praying and seeking peace from God. I can say that I am at a place in my heart and mind right now that is very peaceful. Just call it a gut feeling, intuition, or divine promise, but I feel as if things are going to turn around with this program. I have no inside track on anything, just a feeling of peace and hope. A very dear friend of mine asked me exactly where my heart was in this process and here was my response to her. When we started this whole adoption journey in 2003, it was only after 10 years of infertility. We were led to domestic adoption after much prayer and searching for a feasible way of starting a family. After three years of no birth mother finding us suitable for her child or willing to allow us a closed adoption, we fasted and prayed to find out what God's plan may be for us now. That is when we were turned to international adoption, and to Children's Hope after an adoption special on The Learning Channel. I find it no mistake that God did not lead us on this journey until the year that Vietnam adoptions were open again. It took us three years to even really accept the fact that biological children were not in the immediate future and I grieved terribly for that. I was ready for something fresh and new, thus Vietnam adoption. My heart has never known a love of a faceless child like it knows right now. This child is meant to be with us, we just have to hold on a little longer. Now, I am not saying that there is a possiblity that God may lead us down another turn, but for now there is peace to wait for her to come from Vietnam. If we are faced with a total shutdown or enevitable wait after Sept. 1, it will be up to God to show us what we are to do. I have total faith in His guidance. I have total trust in His plans for us.
Another dear friend told me "not to tie a knot and hold on, but to hold on to God". and that is exactly what I am going to do. I am going to set aside a day of fasting and prayer next week that God would confirm to us what we are to do. I have peace now, but the confirmation will make the peace even better.

It is my understanding that there are several advocates in Vietnam today fighting for the "Child's Right Campaign for Vietnam". Maybe positive things will come from that. You can find more information on that at

Moreover than us getting our referral for Kaylee, my heart aches so much for those waiting and waiting for their 1-600 approvals so they can travel to get their babies. You know who you are and you know I am praying for you. You will bring my heart such joy when you are able to hold your children in your arms for the first time. To you I offer a prayer of peace and comfort to hold on and let God work these miracles out. I know that none of us signed on for this kind of wait or circumstance, but for the sake of our children, we are holding on.
As you can see, the verdict is in and I will keep posting. Thank you for all your comments and email of encouragement. Even those of us who are mostly strong and encouraging often need encouragement from others to keep going forward. For Kaylee I am going forward. Maybe, just maybe, it won't be much longer until we see her face.

Friday, June 13, 2008

No new news

Our agency does not expect any new referrals before the end of the month. I am sad to say that we have not moved in our spot since the middle of March. I am really having a hard time dealing with this. I am not sure that we will be given our referral by the Sept. deadline. Two and one half months have already passed with no healthy girl referrals to move us from our spot. My prayer is that the US will partner with Vietnam and grant visas for referrals after Sept 1 regardless of a new agreement being reached. This is the only way we are going to get our referral anytime soon, I think. I am pretty sure that every family ahead of us is asking for a healthy infant girl and that there will have to be nine girl referrals before we receive ours. But I am being trusting in what God wants for us and we will just have to see where we stand in the process by the first of August and what the prognosis is the the Vietnam program and then we will have some decisions to make. We are really limited with what to do. My heart cannot take starting over with another program that is projecting a 2 year wait period. So this is why I really hope we will get our referral from the Vietnam program. I don't want to give up on motherhood, but I am pretty much at the end of my rope right now, but I have tied a knot in it and I am hanging on with the help of God. I know Kaylee is out there. I just hope she is in the near future.
I am going to take a cake decorating class and do some other things to keep me busy for the summer and maybe on an ordinary day we will get the call we have so longed to receive. So if I don't post for a while it is because I am not motivated, but I will still be reading. I promise if anything significant happens or we move in our number I will let you know.

I really would like to know who is reading. So if you have a minute leave me a quick comment. I know you are reading because I have a gazillion visitors but I don't know who you are! I would especially like to know if you are involved in Vietnam adoption and where you are in the process. I would especially also love to know if you are a CHI family and where you are in the process. It is just time for a delurking call. So comment please, you might motivate me to keep posting!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

As the days pass by

679 Days waiting for a referral,
365 days our dossier has been in Vietnam.
How many more days?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Searching for encouragement

When troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow." --James 1:2-3

This verse was laid on my heart today in my searching for encouragement. I have been trying to find quotes of encouragement to pass along to some adoption friends and why my first place to go was the internet is beyond me. The only place I need to go for encouragement is in the Word of God. I have found myself asking God why He allows some of us to endure more trying circumstances than others and why some of us receive our joy before others who seem to suffering more than we are. I have had several adoption bloggy buddies express concern to me that they did not understand how I could rejoice in their referrals when we have been waiting so much longer than they had, or why some families are moving along in the process with their agency faster than we ever did with ours. All I can say is that God has infinite wisdom to take us on our journey and we have to be willing to follow all the turns in the road, sometimes we stop off to rejoice in the joy of other families or to comfort other families in their discouragement, but our eyes are on the One who begat the journey in the first place. It is in this verse that God gives us in James that helps us understand that in our suffering we can choose to find the joy in it and allow ourselves to grow and mature in the perserverence of our faith. Alot of times we tend to be joyful only when things are going our way and thanking God that everything is just the way it is supposed to be. Then when faced with trials and sufferings, we often forget that the pain passed through God's hand before He placed it in ours. He hurts and endures our trials with us. He does not lay these sufferings on us as punishment. Without going through such trials and sufferings it would be impossible to know the joys of life when they are placed before us. Without God placing trying circumstances in our lives it would be impossible to know the depth of what we can endure. I have never regreted God allowing my infertility. It was in that I will find the joy of international adoption, something I never thought a lot about until God wove that tapestry into my heart over 5 years ago. When we choose to see that God brings something good out of our suffering it often helps to balance the scales of eternal justice. God never promised us that in our earthly understanding and limitations we would be able to comprehend His ways. In fact, He promised just the opposite in Isaiah 55 : 8-9: " For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.. As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts." Often times the importance of the issue determines how much we focus on it. When we don't get the answers we want, then the focus seems to become greater because we are still seeking what we want. Sometimes it is best to step away from focusing on the big issues and explore God's presence in the small details of life that He gives us everyday, like getting to work on time or receiving a phone call from a friend that we have not talked to in a long time or having money left over at the end of the month to do something special together. It is through our faith that we learn to be totally dependent on Him and focus on His awesomeness.

Our dossier has been in Vietnam for exactly a year tomorrow. I would have never thought then that I would still be waiting to even just see my daughter's face. I would have thought that by now our referral would have been given and travel plans being made. 677 days ago I would have never dreamed we would still be waiting, all the plans still waiting for a little girl to make them happen. I would have never dreamed that 14 years ago that my dream of finally becoming a mom was still a lifetime away. Today I dream of this precious little angel that my heart longs to finally see. I am not going to lie and say that when I see or hear of families being matched that tears do not roll down my face because I am waiting for my own. My tears cleanse my soul and refresh my heart. With each tear that is shed is also a prayer for my daughter.

A very special fellow adoptive CHI couple has been laid upon my heart tonight. They are waiting and have been waiting incessently for their travel approval to come through. I can only imagine the pain that is being endured wondering why this approval has not yet come through. I am asking for all my faithful blog readers to lift this family up to God that their approval will finally come through and that River will finally be home where he belongs. It is time for him to be home, for his momma to hold him and her heart to heal from not being able to comfort her son. This is going to be an amazing family, an incredible little boy that waits in his heart to be united with his mom and dad. Please take a minute right now to pray for this family. "Where two or more are gathered in my name, says the Lord."

I know I have seemed to be rambling on and on, but these are my thoughts for today. I want to leave you with one other verse that God laid on my heart. In it I have found renewed hope that I will find my daughter.

"And we rejoice in the hope of the glory of God. Not only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings because we know that suffering produces perserverence, perserverence produces character, and character produces hope. And hope does not disappoint us, because God has poured out his love into our hearts by the Holy Spirit, whom He has given us." Romans 5 :3-5.

I love my God. He brings me hope, He brings me joy in my suffering, and grants me perserverence and character and provides me with hope once again. Isn't He awesome?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

A bright new day

Even the happiest of times in life must be coupled with sadness. Without the sadness we would not know the joy. I am choosing to allow myself the sadness when I need it, but not to dwell on it or let it consume me. I have so much to be thankful for, not only in this adoption journey, but in life itself. I appreciate and am so thankful for all my blogging buddies who continually send me words of encouragement. You would think that the closer you get to the referral, the easier it would be to wait. But I believe it is harder. Not every referral moves you up closer to the top of the list and sometimes it is just that little bit of positive movement that keeps your faith strong and spirits up. So, I am not going to "live" for the weekly updates anymore. I am just going to take them as they come, rejoice with the families that are finally matched with their children, and pray that when God decides that Kaylee is ready for us, it will finally be our turn.

I have so many dear friends whose hearts are aching just like mine for us to get our referral. I love you guys so much. Thank you for your many heartfelt prayers on our behalf. Our hope is that there will be an agreement reached soon between the two governments so the orphans of Vietnam can continue to find forever families.

I had recently been going through the pictures on my computer and ran across this one of when I made Kaylee into an M & M. It is really fun and you should do it yourself. Just go to . It is too funny!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kleenex, nosespray, chocolate, advil, more kleenex, Kaylee's pink elephant, Kaylee's blankie, more nosespray, Dr. Pepper, Kleenex, advil............

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Referrals and positive thoughts

Yea! Our agency received referrals. Based on the ages and the special needs, this did not move us any though. But, I am so rejoicing with the families that finally have met their little ones! There has been positive response from the JCICS campaign. Thank you so much for all of you who participated in this campaign. Maybe it will really make a difference.

I am truly still praying that there are baby girl referrals soon. I just want to move off this number and get closer to my girl! I am still praying for all my sweet friends to be united with their children. I am just so ready to see them come together.

Well, we will just have to keep waiting. When the time is right, we will see Kaylee's face.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I am only human

Well, guys, I am truly tired of waiting for our referral. We have been waiting so long that I can't even remember the excitement we had when we first filled out our paper work. I don't mean to be a downer, and I am usually very positive, and I am by no means giving up- far from it. I know that God is going to bring to fruition what He put in my heart over 3 years ago. All I am saying is that I am purely tired of waiting for a referral and want to see my daughter's face. I am ready to move into a new mode of waiting. I am ready to focus and dream on that little tiny face. I am ready to memorize every detail of my daughter's being. I am ready to move from mother- to- be to mother. I know that there are alot more hurdles and trials that come after we receive the referral, but I am just ready to focus on something new. I see new families uniting and I am just ready for it to be my time. I know, I know, it has to be in God's time and I trust that, but I am just wondering how much longer we are going to have to wait. I am seeking Him for guidance, but I am just frustrated with the whole process. Two years ago I would have never dreamed we would still be waiting. I really get down sometimes when I read other blogs and find out that we have had quite a considerably longer wait than some of the other agencies. But we chose our agency and I am totally confident with our agency. I just didn't know to shop other agencies when we were originally approved. Well, we are almost to the finish line, but this is really wearing on me. Now enough about me and I am so sorry that I have been so whiny. Just one of those days I am feeling totally human.

I have a special friend C. that needs some special prayer. I am not at liberty to discuss it here as she has confided in me, but I would like to lift her up to the Lord to help her through her worries and trials. I love ya, C.! I also want to finally see some families come together. There are four families with our agency that I am praying for daily to finally be united with their children from Vietnam. I am ready for River, Sam and Eli, Eli, and Darby and Lyla to come home. So, please pray for approvals for these families to come through so they can finally travel to pick up their babies! I have another very dear family whose dossier is on the way to Columbia so they will be united with their three kids by the end of the summer! How fabulous! From Columbia to Alaska! What are these little warm babies gonna think about Alaska?

I have called my Senators and Representatives yesterday and today. They are getting the message, so this is a good thing. I have heard from other families that say they are getting a good response, so maybe there will be light at the end of the tunnel and we will all know what direction we are going soon in this journey. Our agency is also expecting referrals this week, so maybe, just maybe we will move from this spot 10 to spot 9, 8, or 7. Can I hear spot 6, 5, or 4? I will be sure to update you then. I am sure if we do move to a new spot, there will be a little more joy flowing from this heart than there is flowing right now.

I will leave you with a few of my favorite things about the summer time.
  • Flav-or-ice popsicles
  • TCBY vanilla yogurt with mini chocolate chips
  • Long evenings and late night breezes
  • Homemade icecream with fresh strawberries
  • a really good juicy watermelon(which I can never seem to pick out)
  • Vacation Bible School kids gleaming with excitement
  • grilling out steak and potatoes
  • swimming (if I had a pool!)
  • family summer holiday get togethers
  • riding the golf cart around the yard
  • flip flops and painted toenails
  • sleeping in an ice cold house under two blankets

The thing I would love the most about this summer would be finally meeting Miss Kaylee.

I love you, Kaylee, sweetie.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Don't forget to make those calls!

Okay, this is the week to make those calls to your senators and state representatives for all those Vietnam babies that need to come home. Please don't forget. I am ready to call on my daughter's behalf! Are you!